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growth mindset

Mindfulness: A Gateway to Growth in Relationships

African american man relaxing while sitting at desk with laptop
Mindfulness may improve close relationships by fostering the belief that relationships can grow and improve.

Are You Hitting Your Limit, or Getting Stronger? The Power of Reinterpreting Mental Effort

climber on edge of rock face outside in mountains, dangling with a rope and holding on the the stone surface with their hands

Listen to your elders, they say. Well, I wasn’t sure what to think when as a seven-year-old I sat in the kitchen and listened to my grandpa. On the table in front of us was a big bag of assorted candy. He polished them all off, piece after piece. “Does Mom know about this?” I sat there wondering. As though sensing my disbelief, he explained with a slightly defensive but definitive tone, “I have a sweet tooth.” I was perplexed. Was a sweet tooth something you “had”? Was it permanent? Did I have one?