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Are Police Officers Racist? Like the Nature of Racism Itself, the Answer is Complicated

Officer looks at other officers arresting a man
Are police officers more racist than Americans in general? It depends not only on who you ask but also on how you ask the question.

Who is to Blame When Police Officers Shoot Black Men?

Pulled over by police car
Despite intentions to be objective, our own racial biases (or lack thereof) shape who we blame when police shoot Black men.

How Neighborhoods, Clothing, and Suspect Race Impact Decisions to Shoot

Image of individual handcuffed and being led away by police

Despite the long history of police violence against racial minorities in the United States, recent high-profile shooting incidents of unarmed racial minorities have gained national attention, such as the shooting deaths of African Americans Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. The resulting social movements, led by Black Lives Matter, have refocused media attention on the roles that race and racial stereotypes play in police behavior. What causes both officers and community members to shoot unarmed racial minorities? What role do racial stereotypes play in this process?