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The Negative Spiral of Religious Intolerance

Illustration of a group of people running with a battering ram
Experiencing threats based on one’s religion is associated with greater animosity toward other groups.

Rejection, Volunteering, & Morality: Recently Published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Washington, D.C. – From rejection to volunteering and innocence, the following research recently published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Media may contact press @ for a copy of any of these studies.

Viewing Pornography to Deal with Affection Deprivation

Young man on his laptop in bed next to his partner who is sleeping.
People view pornography for many reasons, but one is to deal with a shortage of affection.

What Happens when the Mascot is Racist?

Sad dejected sports team lion mascot laments on bleachers
Campus mascots depicting harmful stereotypes can shape belonging and engagement on college campuses.

Science March Tip Sheet

Psychology of groups, protests, and beliefs

The March for Science takes place April 22, 2017.  But what inspires people to join marches and protests? What really persuades people to accept information; facts, emotions, beliefs?  The following experts and materials are available to provide details to journalists on the social and personality psychology of groups, persuasion, and beliefs.