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evolutionary psychology

What Can Serial Killers Like Amy Archer-Gilligan Tell Us about Human Evolution?

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Serial killers—yes, serial killers—may tell us something important about human evolution. Some hunt; others appear to gather.

Good Reads: The Ape that Understood the Universe Will Challenge and Delight Readers of All Stripes

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What’s the connection between suicide bombings, lactose intolerance, and the majestic beauty of a peacock’s tail? The Ape that Understood the Universe has an answer.

Friendships, Vaccines, and Impressions: Upcoming Studies in SPPS


While many scientists explore what people have in common, several studies publishing online to Social Psychological and Personality Science show us how differences help us understand individuals.

The company you keep: Personality and friendship characteristics, Michael Laakasuo; Anna Rotkirch, Venla Berg, Markus Jokela

Female friends who (co)ruminate together stay together

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3, 2, 1… Go! Name your best friend. Which special person comes to mind? Perhaps you have more than one best friend. These are people that you feel very close with, that you turn to for help, or when you’re simply looking to spend time with someone that you care about. Do you ever wonder, however, how you came to be so close with this one, or few, special people?

Psychology News Roundup: ICYMI January 18, 2019

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Highlights this week include the roots of anger, what morality does to humor, and the science of statistics anxiety. Recently in the news, written a post, or have selections you'd like us to consider? Email us, use the hashtag #SPSPblog, or tweet us directly @spspnews.