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individual differences

Is Limiting What You Eat Making You Lonely?

Depressed woman sitting at kitchen table
Food restrictions and loneliness are on the rise; they may be related epidemics.

Do You Have the ”Right Stuff” to Be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Smiling woman talking on the phone
An algorithm based on your personality can predict whether your profile matches that of a successful entrepreneur.

Do We Become More Empathic as We Get Older?

Older couple embracing one another sitting on a bench outdoors
A study of how six large samples of adults changed over time may answer this question.

Certain Personalities Make Some Professional Truck Drivers More Dangerous than Others

Semi Truck Driver
You should hope that the driver of that 18-wheeler coming toward you has certain personality characteristics rather than others.

Why Do People Fall into the Trap of On-again/Off-again Relationships?

Couple sitting next to each other
Some people can’t seem to decide whether to stay together or break up. Is their personality to blame?

Is it Wrong to Show off Your Wealth?

Woman holding shopping bags
People differ in how they judge those who flaunt their wealth, and this difference depends on their core moral beliefs.

Next! ... When Pursuit for “The Best” Can Undermine Your Romantic Relationships

Man sitting on soaf holding remote control and bowl of popcorn looking indecisive about what to watch
People who strive to make the best choices in life may be vulnerable to experiencing discontent in their relationships.