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It’s a Meaningful Life: The Surprising Existential Benefits of Self-control

Photo of woman on mountaintop
Having self-control not only promotes physical health and life satisfaction, it can foster a sense of meaning in life.

The Ten-Year Itch – and How to Scratch It Safely

Woman sitting on a dock near a lake
As adults approach each new decade of life, they begin to think about and seek out meaning. This is both good and bad.

Finding Meaning and Ambiance: Preview of “Psychology in Action” at Austin meeting

"What gives you meaning" in graffiti text over a brick background

By Lisa M.P. Munoz

My office recently underwent a makeover – replacing open and unwieldy shelves with sturdy drawers to conceal my clutter, and ditching my tiny desk for a spacious one with lots of open space for me to organize my projects. Throughout this renovation, my thought kept coming back to two major themes: productivity and storage.