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The Burden of Being Alone with Our Secrets

Woman standing alone in front of window
Not talking with other people about our secrets means that we are left alone with the hard work of figuring them out.

Purposeful Citizens Make for Richer Societies

illustration of man looking at a city in the distance
Living an engaging life may not only help you but also your society.

Does Social Media Make Us Sad, Stupid, and Narcissistic?

Group of young adults interacting with their mobile phones
Scientific evidence based on hundreds of studies does not support sensationalist headlines on the perils of social media use.

Masculinity: Toxic or Tenuous?

Photo of a depressed man sitting in a tunnel
Research on gender roles reveals a curious sense in which men are the “weaker sex.” Many men seem to live in a chronic state of insecurity about whether they are “real men.”

Happy Spouse, Longer Life?

Happy smiling couple
Having a happy spouse may add years to your life.

The Problem with Keeping a Secret

Set of serious young women and one bearded male show hush sign, demand to be quiet and not tell secret, keep fingers on lips. pose indoor against pink background. People say: Shh, stop talking
Keeping a secret is not usually a problem. But thinking about it too much is.

We Need to Rethink the Way We Treat Ex-Prisoners

Man sitting on bench looking at people ice skating
The size of the social network of former prisoners affects their well-being, but not in the way you probably expect.

Entitled People - What to Expect and How to Deal With Them

Man with hand out
Entitlement has many negative consequences, but there are also some positive sides to being entitled.