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The Misfortune of Being Fortunate

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Sometimes being spared suffering can take its own toll on mental health.

Psychology News Roundup: ICYMI February 14, 2020

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Leadership, laughter, and love: read what you may have missed in the world of personality and social psychology on this ICYMI roundup.

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The Challenge and Risk of Seeing Problems as Clinical Disorders

man's hand holding a missing piece in a square tangram puzzle, over wooden table.
Ideas about what is a problem or simple misbehavior versus what is a clinical disorder have evolved over the past few decades. The consequences of this evolution are complicated.

Masculinity: Toxic or Tenuous?

Photo of a depressed man sitting in a tunnel
Research on gender roles reveals a curious sense in which men are the “weaker sex.” Many men seem to live in a chronic state of insecurity about whether they are “real men.”

Happy Spouse, Longer Life?

Happy smiling couple
Having a happy spouse may add years to your life.

So Many in the West are Depressed Because They’re Expected Not to Be

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Depression is listed as the leading cause of disability worldwide, a standing to which it has progressed steadily over the past 20 years. Yet research shows a rather interesting pattern: depression is far more prevalent in Western cultures, such as the US, Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand, than in Eastern cultures, such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China.

Believing in Divine Forgiveness May Affect Well-being

Woman with hands in air and birds flying around her
Depressive symptoms are lower when people feel forgiven by God, but especially when they don’t forgive themselves.

The Paradoxical Wonderfulness of Knowing the End of Life is Approaching

Senior woman on a porch
You might expect those who know that death is not too far away, such as senior citizens, would be bummed out. But seniors are usually happier than younger people.