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Your Opinions are Not as Popular as You Think They Are: The False Consensus Effect

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Research shows that we usually fail to realize how many people disagree with us. Even those who know about this powerful bias may not be able to avoid it.

Having Essentialist Beliefs Predicts People’s Attitudes about Social Groups

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Is the belief that most people have strong character traits linked to higher prejudice? Yes, but the prejudice may sometimes be positive rather than negative.

The Illusion of Consensus

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The fake news trap: The more something’s repeated, the more we believe it—regardless of whether it is true.

Science March Tip Sheet

Psychology of groups, protests, and beliefs

The March for Science takes place April 22, 2017.  But what inspires people to join marches and protests? What really persuades people to accept information; facts, emotions, beliefs?  The following experts and materials are available to provide details to journalists on the social and personality psychology of groups, persuasion, and beliefs.


Republicans and Democrats Less Divided than Commonly Thought

San Diego -- Republicans and Democrats are less divided in their attitudes than popularly believed, according to new research. It is exactly those perceptions of polarization, however, that help drive political engagement, researchers say.

Are Conservatives More Obedient and Agreeable Than Their Liberal Counterparts?

Over the last few years, we've seen increasing dissent among liberals and conservatives on important issues such as gun control, health care and same-sex marriage. Both sides often have a difficult time reconciling their own views with their opposition, and many times it appears that liberals are unable to band together under a unifying platform. Why do conservatives appear to have an affinity for obeying leadership? And why do conservatives perceive greater consensus among politically like-minded others?