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Image of woman walking with several shopping bags in each hand
Comparing the spending habits and personality traits of over 2100 people over the Christmas season, personality psychology researchers found significant relationships between spending amounts over the holiday season and specific personality traits.
Image of basketball flying towards a hoop with competing hands reaching for it
Students who are focused on long term goals maximize their college experience by engaging in “strategic indulgence,” according to new research being published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.
Image of teacher working with young students on schoolwork
Lausanne, Switzerland - In a series of studies, social psychologists show that educational tracking – grouping students based on their achievement levels - encourages evaluators to artificially create social class inequalities.
Image of well-dressed man sitting in a luxury automobile
Washington, DC - When it comes to making new friends, status symbols actually repel people from making friends with us, according to new research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.
Image of thumbs up and thumbs down over red and green backgrounds
Washington, DC - Contrary to a widely-held view in psychology and other fields of research, belief in free will appears to be unrelated to moral behavior.
Image of dropper taking or adding liquid to test tubes
Snapshot People are often more swayed by stories than by research evidence. For example, people often ignore evidence-based recommendations about how frequently to get screened for cervical and breast cancer.