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upset couple sitting apart on a couch
Study of US data shows persistent social norms about male breadwinning can harm men’s mental health.
Father and son laughing together
The stereotype for only children is that they are selfish, or more self-centered than those with siblings.
Young people work in modern office
It’s increasingly common for managers to direct employees to “be creative” during office brainstorming sessions. But should employees acquiesce to that managerial edict?
illustration of human mind
Morality plays a role in everyday lives, from interactions with friends and strangers, to political views and social influences.
woman looking trough a magnifying glass
Washington, DC - Some research shows facts are better received when presented on their own. Other studies show facts are more accepted when interwoven with stories; stories can help bridge emotional connections.
cartoon of three businessmen receiving the money that falls from three pipes in different amounts.
American liberals and conservatives have different views on equity, according to a new study focusing on Moral Foundations Theory, but are not that different from each other when it comes to the “Protestant work ethic.”