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SISPP 2019 Now Accepting Applications

With National Science Foundation funding, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology is pleased to offer a two-week intensive summer school for up to 100 pre-doctoral students in Social and Personality Psychology. Since its first session in 2003, the Summer Institute in Social and Personality Psychology (SISPP) is offered in odd-numbered years.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019 SISPP, to be hosted at New York University, July 14-25, 2019. The faculty organizers for SISPP 2019 are Professors Tessa West and Jay Van Bavel, and the grad student coordinator is Oana Dumitru.

This summer we will offer five courses, in dual-instructor format, led by top researchers and teachers in the field. We also offer two unique one-day workshops, as well as a few smaller breakout sessions. This is a great opportunity for students to learn from leading faculty in the field, as well as meet a diverse group of students who share their passion and commitment to psychological research.

Attendees will also get the chance to explore New York City during the weekend days by going on organized excursions to the city’s most exciting landmarks. NYU’s downtown location provides for an enriching cultural experience, with museums, parks, art exhibits, and international cuisines only minutes away from campus. We know you will enjoy the courses, workshops, and New York City!

Application Submission Deadline: Applications are due by February 20, 2019 (midnight Eastern Time). More information and the application are available here.


Each student will enroll in one of five full-length courses, each taught by two expert instructors. For 2019, the instructors and courses are:

Intergroup Relations: Majority and Minority Perspectives

Instructors: Sapna Cheryan, Maureen Craig

Person-Environment Fit: Personality-Environment Transactions Through Life

Instructors: Jaap Denissen, Wiebke Bleidorn

Political Psychology: Social and Individual Difference Perspectives

Instructors: Chris Dawes, Eric Knowles

Social Psychology in the Wild: Behavioral Science to Advance Psychological Theory and Public Policy

Instructors: Crystal Hall, Leaf Van Boven

Moral Psychology: Individuals, Groups and Organizations

Instructors: Paul Bloom, Azim Shariff


Students will also take one of two one-day intensive methodological workshops held in the middle of the two-week course period. The one-day workshops and instructors are:

Practical Best Practices for Psychologicall Science

Instructor: Alison Ledgerwood

Demistifying the Academic Job Market

Instructors: Jan Van Bavel, Neil Lewis


Students from the following categories are eligible to participate in SISPP:

U.S./Canadian graduate students: Students enrolled in psychology graduate programs in the U.S. and Canada, who are SPSP members and who are enrolled in their second through fifth years of graduate study at the time of application are eligible. First-year graduate students are not eligible.

Postgraduate EASP members: These students will be selected and financially supported by the European Association of Social Psychologists. EASP postgraduate members should not apply through the SPSP portal. Instead, they should apply through the EASP website ( SPSP will accept five EASP postgraduate members, who will be selected by the EASP.

Postgraduate SASP members: These students will be selected and financially supported by the Society of Australian Social Psychologists. More information is available directly from SASP.

Graduate students from outside the United States and Canada enrolled in social-personality-related graduate programs in countries that are not currently included in inter-organizational SISPP exchange programs (that is, countries covered by EASP and SASP):  Students accepted for these slots will receive up to $750 in travel funds and a registration waiver. Scholarship funds will be available to help with travel expenses for these students.

The criteria for selecting students are: academic merit, promise as a researcher, and diversity, which includes gender, race/ethnicity, year in graduate school, area of interest and graduate program.


The fee for each student is $200 USD, which covers tuition, housing in university accommodations, and meals. Students are responsible for their travel to and from SISPP. Fee payment for selected students is due by April 19, 2019.

A limited number of need-based scholarships for travel are available, as are a limited number of registration waivers. Applicants wishing to apply for the travel scholarship and/or the registration waiver will be asked during the application process to provide a one-paragraph explanation of the nature of the need and indicate if attendance is dependent on receiving a scholarship. Please note that applications and scholarship requests are considered independently of each other.


For more information about SISPP, visit our website or contact SISPP Chairs and Hosts at

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