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I am pleased to announce the kick off of Q&pAy, a LIVE small grants competition—our own version of the ABC hit show “Shark Tank”—at the 2016 annual convention.

Q&pAy will showcase three small grant finalists pitching their grant proposals to a team of social and personality experts who will ask questions about the grant (significance, research methods, budget, etc). During the 15-minute LIVE interrogation, audience members will be given the chance to participate in this high-stakes Q/A. In the end, the “sharks” will pick a winner to receive a $5,000 grant for his/her research.

Q&pAy is an educational experience for both contestants and audience members, and it is open to any current SPSP member or student. If you are attending the convention and interested in participating, complete the online application by December 1st.

For more information and to read about our "sharks", visit



PS... Q&pAy is like no grant review panel you've seen. While our panelists are experts in their labs by day, by night/weekend they are competitive kite flyers, talented two-finger-whistlers, inflatable boat riders, roommates with Mrs. Jingles, and psychologists who do not eat porridge. Find out more:

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