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Op-Ed Writing Training Available

SPSP believes that personality and social psychologists have important perspectives to offer to the public discourse, and one of my goals as Member-at-Large for Outreach & Advocacy is to increase the number and diversity of voices from our discipline that contribute to the marketplace of ideas.

Toward this end, SPSP will sponsor 30 Op-Ed Training Grants to attend the OpEd Project seminar "Write to Change the World." The OpEd Project’s mission is “to increase the range of voices and quality of ideas we hear in the world.” The cost of registration will be covered for participants to attend one of the writing trainings, which are offered in many cities around the United States. In addition, scholars who participate in this program will receive personalized coaching from a scholar with extensive experience with and expertise in writing about personality-social-psychological topics for the general public. Costs to travel to the training is at the attendees’ expense.

SPSP members who have received their PhD prior to training are eligible for consideration. Recipients are expected to attend a 2019 core seminar and to work with SPSP’s press office and their coach to place on Op-Ed within six months of their completed training.

Application deadline: November 12, 2018

Apply Here

Eli Finkel
Professor, Northwestern University
SPSP Member-at-Large for Outreach & Advocacy

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