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New Web Editor to Spearhead Improved SPSP Web Presence

Big changes to the SPSP website are coming your way – more blogs, feature stories, and opportunities to share research among personality and social psychologists, as well as with the public. The Society is happy to announce the appointment of a new Web Editor, David Nussbaum, to spearhead this effort.
As SPSP has grown over the last several years, so too has our web presence. But while we launched a new, more dynamic web design in 2011, rapid developments in technologies and social media have again demanded more changes.
The Society has been fortunate to have the talents of Don Forsyth (University of Richmond) as Web Editor for the last three years. He helped build the 2011 site, created the PSP Connections blog, and streamlined the site to accommodate our increasingly complex member services needs. His creativity and leadership in maintaining the website have been vital to the success of the Society.
Earlier this year, the Web Task Force – recognizing the tremendous efforts of Forsyth – recommended that moving forward, we establish a web team, rather than relying on one person to bear the full burden of the website. This team will comprise of our new Web Editor, Dave Nussbaum, along with: Public Information Officer, Lisa Munoz; our Assistant for Member Services Coordinator, Victoria Claas; and other programming and design support, still to be developed.
Led by our new Executive Director, the new SPSP central office will coordinate the new web presence. The Executive Office will oversee the online tasks of membership, dues, convention information, as well as the central tasks of information sharing.
As the new Web Editor, Nussbaum will oversee the content of the SPSP website – working to develop news and information for members, developing a blog for members and the public alike, and furthering our social media presence. Our social media has grown tremendously over the last two years, as our members becomes more and more engaged with each other and the public.
Nussbaum, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business, has extensive knowledge of social media and the field of personality and social psychology. Since receiving his Ph.D. in 2008 from Stanford University, he has maintained his own blog called Random Assignment, written guest blogs and articles for many publications, including Big Think and the New York Times, and has been active in social media – all in addition to his teaching responsibilities.
As Nussbaum works to improve our web features and presence, he will be recruiting guest bloggers for the website, including people to live blog from SPSP 2014 in Austin (Feb. 13-15, 2014). Any members interested in this opportunity or who have any ideas for the new blog and SPSP website, please contact him at:
The website changes will take place over the next year and will, of course, evolve and change continuously to keep pace with technology and the changing needs of SPSP. Stay tuned.