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Crawford Appointed to SPSP Board

SPSP is pleased to announce the appointment of Jarret Crawford to its Board of Directors. Following the membership vote to approve a new Member at Large, Crawford was appointed by SPSP President Linda Skitka to fulfill the position. 

“We received many strong nominations for the new board position to represent primarily undergraduate institutions,” Skitka said. “Jarret was selected for his strong record and experience as an active social psychologist at a liberal arts institution (The College of New Jersey, where he has been since 2008 and where he is now a full professor), his record of service to SPSP, including serving as the 2018 co-Chair and now the 2019 Chair of the APA Convention for Division 8, and his role as Director of Faculty Student Collaboration at TCNJ, which includes running a summer research program that brings ~100 students to live and work on campus alongside faculty mentors at the College of New Jersey every year.” 

Crawford will assume the position immediately and attend the SPSP Summer Board Meeting in August.

“Jarret has a lot of ideas about outreach and programming aimed at involving undergraduates and faculty at primarily undergraduate institutions in SPSP, and we’re excited to welcome him to the board."

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