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Awards Annoucement

SPSP Annual Awards Portal Open Tuesday, March 15


About SPSP Annual Awards

SPSP's Annual Awards recognize contributions to the field of personality and social psychology. Winners are recognized at the SPSP Annual Convention each year. The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2016.


New This Year

Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring Award

Designed to recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching and excellence in undergraduate student mentoring. 

Application of Personality and Social Psychology Award

Honors a social or personality psychologist who has applied theoretical and/or empirical psychological discoveries and advances to the understanding and improvement of important practical problems. 


Annual Awards


Life-time Achievement Icon

Life-time Achievement
  1. Ambady Award for Mentoring Excellence
  2. Career Contribution Award
  3. Distinguished Scholar Award


Media Award

  1. Book Prize for the Promotion of Social and Personality Psychology
  2. Media Award for Excellence in Science Journalism


Methodological Innovation Awards Icon

  1. Cialdini Award
  2. Methodological Innovation Award


Personality Psychology Awards Icon

Personality Psychology
  1. Block Award for Personality Research
  2. Diener Award in Personality Psychology


Social Psychology Awards Icon

Social Psychology
  1. Campbell Award for Social Psychology Research
  2. Diener Award in Social Psychology


Theoretical Innovation Awards Icon

  1. Wegner Theoretical Innovation Prize


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Future Award Portal Openings

SAGE Young Scholar: July 1

Graduate Travel Award: July 5

Diversity Fund Graduate Travel Award: July 5

Teacher/Scholar Travel Award: July 5

Heritage Dissertation Research Award: August 15

Graduate Student Poster Award: August 25

Undergraduate Student Poster Award: August 25

Outstanding Research Award: August 25

Spring Small Grants: September 1

Diversity Fund Undergraduate Registration Award: September 1

Summer Small Grants: February 1


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