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Call for Graduate Student Commitee Nominations

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The GSC is currently seeking nominations for President, Vice President, Members-at-Large, and the Member-at-Large in charge of undergraduate affairs.

The President's main role is to serve as the head of the GSC and act as the liaison between the GSC and the Executive Committee. The president is elected for a 2-year term (1 year as President, 1 year as Past-President). 

The Vice President provides additional leadership support to the GSC and helps manage the various year-round and conference-specific programs.

The Members-at-Large are primarily responsible for generating and implementing programs relevant to SPSP student member interests. These positions last 1 year, with the option to run for re-election for a second term. The GSC recognizes that undergraduate membership in SPSP is growing, and we wish to support these potential future psychologists and their concerns. Therefore, we seek an ambitious undergraduate (or graduate student who will support this effort) to run as the Member-at-Large in charge of Undergraduate Affairs. This position would focus on raising undergrad awareness of SPSP, boosting undergrad membership, and assembling resources relevant to undergraduates who are thinking about graduate school.

No prior experience is required for these positions. The only requirement is that you are a current student member of SPSP in good standing. Inquiries regarding responsibilities can be directed to

If you would like to submit a self-nomination, please click here.

Nominations are due by October 9, 2015.

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