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SPSP 2019 Election Results Announced

The SPSP Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to inform you of the results of the recent elections:

  • 2021 President: Monica Biernat  
  • Member at Large – Science Programming: Denise Sekaquaptewa
  • Member at Large - Science Publishing: Alison Ledgerwood
  • Initiative 1 - Ranked Voting Approved
  • Initiative 2 – New Member at Large Position Approved

We also wish to acknowledge the valuable service of those who agreed to stand for election: Paula Pietromonaco, Shira Gabriel and Tessa West.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rich Lucas, outgoing MAL for Science Publishing and Batja Mesquita, outgoing MAL for Science Programming, for their outstanding service to the society.  

Thanks again to all those who participated in the process, by serving on the election committee, agreeing to run, and/or by voting. We are gratified at the outcome of the elections and feel confidence in the future of our society given the caliber of those who chose to run and serve in leadership capacities.

Jonathan Adler
Ann Bettencourt
Lynne Cooper (Chair)
Julie Garcia
Christopher Lustgraaf
Nicholas Rule
Jessica Salvatore
Linda Skitka (ex-officio)

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