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Nominations and Elections Committee

In an effort to improve transparency in the election of Board members and appointment of committee members, the SPSP Board of Directors approved a new structure for its Nominations and Elections Committee. At this time, SPSP seeks initial members of this new committee.

The Nominations and Elections Committee will solicit nominations for open positions (appointed and elected), review nominations, and make recommendations to the SPSP Board of Directors that reflect the goals and values of the organization  The committee, per SPSP Bylaws, will be chaired by the past president. Also on the committee will be a member of the SPSP Diversity and Climate Committee. The remaining six spots will be filled by Full Members (post-Phd) and elected by the membership on a rotating basis.

One-Year Terms (2019 Elections and Appointments)

  • Social Psychology Seat
  • International Seat
  • One Undesignated Seat*

Two-Year Terms (2019 and 2020 Elections and Appointments)

  • Personality Psychology Seat
  • Early Career Seat
  • One Undesignated Seat*

*The undesignated seats will be used to provide representation across many areas of the organization, which may include those at primarily teaching institutions, in applied careers, etc.

Following the initial appointment of the Nominations and Elections Committee, these positions will be voted in by the membership during the annual election process.

To nominate yourself to serve on the committee, please complete the application by November 20, 2018.


M. Lynne Cooper, PhD
2018 SPSP President

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