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For Prospective Participants

Social-Personality Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Program

The Social-Personality Undergraduate Research (SPUR) Program was originally created as a summer research internship for students interested in pursuing a graduate degree in social-personality psychology. In 2021, the program will transition into a March to December model with a similar mission—to expand opportunities for research experience for students from historically underrepresented racial backgrounds. Notably, the new SPUR program will seek to foster training and community engagement through virtual interconnections with face-to-face interaction at the annual SPSP convention as a launch point.

Interested in participating as a student?

Eligible trainees will:

  • be from historically underrepresented racial backgrounds
  • be currently enrolled in college or recent graduates (within 2 years of college graduation) of a four-year college or university
  • have a strong interest in applying to PhD programs in social-personality psychology
  • Be given priority if they do not have an active lab in their field of interest at their home institution

Trainee expectations during the program:

  • Attend the 2021 SPUR preconference at the 2021 SPSP convention
  • Design and make regular progress on an independent research project with the help of a SPUR mentor
  • Attend the four virtual workshops for skill development on the path to a social-personality PhD program
  • Complete a poster summarizing the independent research project by the end of the SPUR program
  • Engage in regular check-ins with SPUR trainees and SPUR mentors as appropriate


Trainee stipend and awards:

Trainees in the program will receive $460 for travel to the 2021 SPUR program preconference, a free SPSP membership, an SPSP convention registration award, and up to $1500 for their mentored research time for approximately 120 hours worked across the months of the SPUR program.

Application requirements:

  • A completed SPUR application.
  • An uploaded CV or resume.


apply here

Deadline to apply is November 1, 2020


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