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Member Updates

2017 Student Committee Elections Launched

It’s again time to choose your Student Committee members for next year. The 2017 Student Committee will work to promote the interests of SPSP’s graduate and undergraduate student members.

#SPSP2017 Mentoring Events Now Open

SPSP’s popular mentoring sessions are back at the 2017 Annual Convention in San Antonio.

Small Research Grantees Discuss Their Projects

The Summer 2016 cycle of small research grantees are studying a wide range of personality effects and social behaviors.

An Interview with PSPB’s Incoming Senior Editorial Team

The incoming senior editorial team for the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin consists of incoming Editor Chris Crandall, and incoming Co-Editors Colin Way

Workshops at #SPSP2017

Applications open today to attend the highly anticipated Workshops at the 2017 SPSP Annual Convention.

Nominations for 2017 Student Committee Extended

SPSP’s Student Committee is currently seeking nominations for 2017-2018 positions. Members of the SC organize activities and resources for SPSP’s student members.

Annual Convention Comes to Texas!

Did you know that SPSP’s Annual Convention will be coming to you this year?  On January 19, 2017, the Annual Convention – with its groundbreaking science, excited and passionate attendees, and robu

See What's New at #SPSP2017!

We had a blast with you in San Diego earlier this year, and we hope you will join us in San Antonio for our 2017 convention.

Optimal Critical Discourse in Psychological Science

SPSP is interested in learning more about people's experiences using social media platforms to discuss scientific issues.

Professional Development at #SPSP2017

The 2017 SPSP Annual Convention welcomes an exciting lineup of interactive professional development programming.