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SPSP Climate Survey Report

In late Spring, many of you participated in the SPSP climate survey so we could learn more about your experiences at SPSP conferences, as well as SPSP sponsored events (e.g., SISPP). Thank you to all those who participated. We are very grateful. As a reminder, the overall goal of the survey was to provide SPSP with information needed to tailor policies, procedures, and funding priorities in order to promote diversity and inclusivity as well as prevent and respond to harassment and discrimination. The survey had two parts with the first focused on broad issues of diversity and climate and the second part focused on sexual harassment. The results of the first part of the survey are now publicly available here:

Please join us for a Town Hall at SPSP on Friday, Feb. 8th 11-12:15PM (Oregon 201) where representatives from both the Diversity and Climate Committee and the Sexual Harassment task force will discuss the SPSP 2018 climate survey.   

SPSP Diversity and Climate Committee
  • Julie Garcia (Co-Chair), California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Diana Sanchez (Co-Chair), Rutgers University
  • Daryl Wout, John Jay College of Criminal Justice—CUNY
  • Evelyn Carter, Paradigm Strategy, Inc.
  • Kristin Pauker, University of Hawaii


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